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Below you will find some of the questions we are regularly asked. If you can't find your answers, don't hesitate to contact us, our entire team is here to help you.

What is SaaS (Software as a Service)?

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a model of providing software on demand, and remotely through cloud computing. Applications are hosted and maintained by the online service provider, along with the software applications and underlying infrastructure. Users of the software connect to the application via the Internet, using a simple web browser on their PC, tablet or phone

Is the application available in an installed version?

At DELTA RM, we are convinced that SaaS is the future of software. This is why we have chosen to make our application available 100% online in its latest version. We can create an installed version if necessary after discussing your context.

Where is my data hosted?

All our customers' data is hosted on servers in France. Including archive, backup and restore data.

How are my data and the DELTA RM application secured?

Safety is an extremely important issue for us and is a priority for the DELTA RM team. We do our utmost to meet the most efficient requirements and to be worthy of your trust. DELTA RM is hosted in highly secure, Amazon Web Services certified data centres. First of all, we have always ruled out the possibility of being our own host by choosing not to manage our servers ourselves. We prefer to focus on our business: building the best risk management application, and we are not big enough to make it worthwhile and useful to have our own infrastructure. It is increasingly difficult to identify vulnerabilities before the cybercriminals do, so we have outsourced the security of the infrastructure to professionals, although we are in charge of the security approach and the choices of measures to be put in place

How long does it take to set up an application?

The deployment schedule will depend on your choice of functionality and customisation in your risk management application. However, with DELTA RM the implementation is very fast because there is no installation and integration. For example, if you choose to run the application in a standard way, it will only take a few days to open. And to make the deployment as easy as possible for you, we provide you with an experienced team to support you in achieving your project objectives, in getting your users to accept and use the application, and in deploying it in operational conditions.

Is the application multilingual?

To date, the DELTA RM application is available in 2 languages: French and English. Other languages will be added in the near future.

Can I integrate DELTA RM with my existing internal tools?

Yes, the application can be integrated with many tools available on the market, or tools developed in-house. We have several integration offerings via Web Services or APIs that will serve as a means of communication or interface between two different applications. In order to do this, our technical teams need to discuss the best way to do this with regard to the respective technical requirements. We also allow exports, in XLSX or CSV format, which can be easily exploited.

Can I talk to a real person?

Of course! Write to us at to exchange in French or English with the team.

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