Simplify the management of your audit cycles 

Easier planning by consolidating all the key points of your audits (scope, resource allocation, findings, recommendations, actions) in a single tool
Simplified management by connecting your audits to all levels of your organization (tree structure, processes, risk repository, user base) 
Improved communication by automating the sharing of information at all levels of your organization (reports, related documents, follow-up of findings, reporting)

Let's digitize the analysis environment you need

Stay informed in real time: automated alerts, workflow, reporting
Accelerate your return on investment: the tool reproduces your methodology (mission steps, forms for findings, recommendations and action plan, reporting)
Strengthen the impact of your audits by reinforcing the adherence to the findings (facilitate exchanges between auditees & auditors, increase the interactivity of the recommendations, centralized follow-up of action plans)
Increase analysis and management by digitizing your reports in our integrated BI (integrated, customizable, updated in real time and interactive dashboards)

Improve collaboration between lines of defense simply and quickly

A fast project: thanks to the duality between a team of passionate specialists and a tool that is easy to deploy and configure
Secure all your information and reinforce confidentiality: Connect your entire network in the same tool while maintaining your confidentiality rules (user rights settings)
Integrated approach to risk management: identification of major risks, link with processes, matrix sharing of recommendations (strong link with each repository: tree structure, risks, identified users) 

Our functional coverage

Audit program
  • Database of all your missions
Link to each level of your organization
Classification of missions by origin, category, type
Classification of missions by years
  • Mission follow-up
Confidentiality: access configurable according to profile
List of customizable statuses
Audit trail for each change
Audit mission
  • Details of the mission
Risk-based approach (link between audit and risk)
Process approach
Many descriptive fields
  • Summary of results
Write all the steps of the report in the tool
Add summary files
Consolidate and extract a report for communication
  • An interactive methodology
  • A robust tool
Write and follow up on individual findings, recommendations and action plans
Unlimited number
Provide limited access to recommendations to interact directly with auditees
Features included in all products

These features are enabled in all cases to work efficiently, your way.
Don't waste time switching between tools!
In DELTA RM, all your essential tools are at your fingertips and quickly accessible.

Searching, filtering, and sorting
Alerts, reminders and notifications
Graphical dashboards
History of changes
User management
Customisable enablers
Confidentiality by perimeter
Multi-axis entity tree (organisational, legal, geographical)
Documentary space
Customisation of drop-down lists