Securing your data and processes is our priority

We offer a programme for our service partners (service providers, distributors, integrators) who are looking to expand their offering and develop their expertise in DELTA RM products. We can accelerate our growth by developing a joint offer with high added value for our customers.

Our technical infrastructure is based on a modern 3-tier architecture guaranteeing reliable and sustainable accessibility and availability.

The architecture and data are hosted in France, replicated in real time in 3 separate datacenters, and automatically switched from one to the other in a few seconds in the event of an incident.

We strictly control access to data and resources with strong authentication to ensure that our services and data are permanently protected against theft, loss, modification or alteration. Our administrators use MFA.

We provide logical and physical access control and continually implement physical, electronic and organisational safeguards to prevent unauthorised access or distribution.

We are constantly vigilant and have a concrete commitment to regulatory issues.
We are compliant with the RGPD regulation and the recommendations of the CNIL and you retain full rights over your data.

Our collective approach to information security

We are committed at all levels (managers, employees, project managers, customers, partners) to every aspect of information security.

DELTA RM's security team is led by our Chief Technical Officer (CTO), facilitated by a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) who implements our security programme, and supported by members of the management team.

The CTO and CISO focus on security policy, risk management and compliance approach, architecture and operations engineering, product and service security and our SLA commitments, and vulnerability detection and incident response.

Alignment of objectives, team and tools
Accountability, Awareness and Training
Traceability and monitoring of information
Testing, auditing and continuous improvement

More about security

Hosting of all data, including archives, backups, and restoration in France.

Encryption of all data (database and flat files), including backups, during transmission and storage. All data is encrypted using the AES-256 protocol. In addition, the configuration of our servers ensures that we receive an A+ rating on the various security tests (security headers, SSL configuration, etc.).

The databases are structured on the Aurora RDS service with flow encryption (HTTPS-SSL-TLS).

A Web Application Firewall is deployed with security rules in place for OWASP and PCI DSS attack protection, as well as anti-DoS protection systems (WebShield).

Mandatory user authentication by email and password (controlled by a strict policy), with the option of a second authentication factor (2FA). Or single sign-on ( SSO ).

Access to data is restricted to authorised users only, and to employees duly authorised by our clients. By default, access to customer data is restricted to certain teams, on the express condition that such access is proportionate to and justified by their mission.

We benefit from very high availability resources (>99.9%) and a high scalability configuration in line with the state of the art.

We use mechanisms (S3Glacier, autoscaling, load balancing, instance monitoring, etc.) that allow us to automatically support any type of load increase without any effect on our users, and to ensure the permanent continuity and resilience of our activities.

Continuous replication of all data on 2 nodes for databases and 3 nodes for storage on AWS S3. Each node is hosted in a specific data centre, geographically separated from the others: in the event of an incident in one data centre, the data stored there is automatically replicated to the other data centres.

Data backups performed automatically every minute. Daily testing of the backup restoration process.

End-to-end encrypted backup transmission using HTTPS protocol

Hosting provided by Amazon Web Services, ISO 27001 certified

Encryption of all transmissions between clients and servers from end to end using HTTPS.

Strict separation of four environments: 2 accessible internally for development and technical testing, and 2 accessible externally for functional qualification testing and production.

Protection of access to DELTA RM admin systems through AWS and Kubernetes rights management policies and a second authentication factor (2FA).

Use of technologies such as Sentry and AWS Cloudtrail to generate infrastructure and application audit logs.

Ad-hoc security analysis, identification of changes to DELTA RM configurations and list of accesses to any application layer.

Establishment of an annual pentest programme with external auditors to identify and address evolving security threats.

Establishment of a pentesting methodology with our clients in the framework of their project. Access to this methodology is on request only.

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