Valuing your prevention and protection efforts

Integrate risk management and insurance with the Health-Safety-Environment prevention programme
Automate your performance indicators
Optimise your management and ability to follow up on recommendations and actions via alerts and notifications
Delta RM risk prevention
Delta RM risk prevention

Management of risk visits and recommendations

Centralise all the information on the Group's risk prevention and protection policy for your production, storage or construction activities.

Fill in your annual programme of damage risk inspections on industrial sites and submit your documents and reports.

Promote your approach and your results to insurers and brokers to optimise your cost of risk.

Consolidation of prevention and protection data over the long term (site audit, post-disaster visit, monitoring visit)
Analysis of data by type of risk and assets
Monitoring of recommendations by priority and status

Self-assessment of prevention

Build your risk prevention policy and deploy it globally in a uniform manner.

Organise an annual self-assessment campaign to consolidate the results at Group level and provide each subsidiary with a benchmark.

Customise the reporting according to your own management system and objectives.

Monitoring the progress of campaigns
Individual response sheet for each subsidiary
Reporting by theme and risk mitigation objective
Delta RM risk prevention

Our functional coverage

Risk repository
  • Create questionnaires to automate data collection
  • Administering contributors, validators and readers
Email alerts during campaigns
Exploitation of N-1 questions/answers
Managing changes in scope each year
Automated consistency checks
  • Reporting and cross-cutting analysis of indicators
Summary of responses by entity
Grouping of indicators by subsidiary
Grouping of indicators by country
Risk analysis
  • Site audits
Entering the annual site audit plan
Entering information on insurers and preventionists
Documentary space
  • Follow-up of recommendations
Category and Priority
Monitoring of planned dates and progress
Action plan
Features included in all products

These features are enabled in all cases to work efficiently, your way.
Don't waste time switching between tools!
In DELTA RM, all your essential tools are at your fingertips and quickly accessible.

Searching, filtering, and sorting
Alerts, reminders and notifications
Graphical dashboards
History of changes
User management
Customisable enablers
Confidentiality by perimeter
Multi-axis entity tree (organisational, legal, geographical)
Documentary space
Customisation of drop-down lists