The history of DELTA RM

A human adventure bringing together risk management consultants and web engineers. But also colleges and friends.

Our vision from the beginning

Creating pragmatic, ergonomic and sustainable solutions for ALL

Developing a collaborative and useful risk management culture

Digital risk management is great, but don't forget the human factor!

Selecting the best technologies to innovate with our customers

The founders

A human adventure bringing together experts, but above all friends.
Chantal CARNEL
photo by chantal carnel, founder of Delta RMphoto by chantal carnel, founder of Delta RM
photo by jerôme olivier, founder of Delta RMphoto by jerôme olivier, founder of Delta RM

It all began in the late 90s. Chantal and Jérôme became friends.

They began by working together at one of the world's leading insurance brokerage and risk management companies. To automate their activities and offer IT tools to their customers, Chantal's business expertise (although Jérôme knew how to deploy a campaign to collect insurable values) met Jérôme's technical expertise (although Chantal knew how to code database queries).
After several years of test & learn in operational conditions to meet their customers' needs, Chantal and Jérôme create a 1st Risk Management Information System (RMIS) as a new department of the company.

Chantal will have the opportunity to develop a 2nd RMIS in France, at another leading broker.

In January 2013, Chantal and Jérôme knew they would continue their professional careers together in a new entrepreneurial adventure... Thanks to their long-standing experience and friendship, they knew they were complementary, motivated and shared the same taste for risk (!) and desire to learn.

A few months later, DELTA RM was created. The problem was universal: enterprise risk management was complex to understand, with different contexts and challenges, operational deployment was often difficult and a source of frustration for end-users, and the process was poorly digitized.

The solution was obvious: with the rise of SaaS in France, it was necessary to offer new tools that were simple and effective, and to automate recurring tasks as far as possible.

DELTA RM's secret sauce was created along the way. Today, DELTA RM employs around ten people, and serves customers in Europe and Africa.

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