Whatever you need, whenever you need it.

Don't waste any more time maintaining your method, consolidating your data, or managing emails! With DELTA RM, everything is at your fingertips, so you can focus on the tasks that add value. DELTA RM promotes collaboration and deployment of your approach.

Use our real-time tools and dashboards to simplify and accelerate your risk management processes.

Automate your tasks
Control the data
Control your device in advance
Monitor and be alerted

DELTA RM adapts to your company

Whatever your sector of activity, the size of your company or your team, the DELTA RM application adapts to the maturity of your organisation and the way your teams work together.

Thanks to a tried and tested business methodology, we provide you with a simple and effective method, via an intuitive interface, to support your approach.

Several options for customising the application are available, at your discretion.

Powerful and consistent data model

To harness the full power of your data and assure your users that the information collection will be useful, we strive to build a reliable data model at all levels of the enterprise, regardless of the source of the data.

Database relationships and business rules are an integral part of DELTA RM applications. They allow us to make the best use of our tools and to have more accurate analyses and better informed decisions.

It is also a prerequisite for visual and interactive data visualisation and reporting.

We prepare, clean, and structure the data model to serve you better. A knowledge transfer is carried out in all our projects.

Scalable application

Companies of all sizes benefit from our scalable, flexible and reliable products and services.
This is because we co-construct our product roadmap based on feedback from all our customers.

We are of course the first users of our products, and we drive the evolution and continuous improvement process.

24/7 availability anywhere in the world

You can access the DELTA RM application from anywhere in the world by simply using an internet connection and a (modern and secure) web browser.

The application is (for the moment) available in 2 languages: English and French.

The application is available 24/7 with very few scheduled maintenance periods.

Access to the application is not dependent on the operating system (for example, we use Windows, Mac and Linux internally).

Responsive application

The design of our applications is compatible with all types of media with the aim of improving navigation and following you on your travels.

The web-based application is only one way of using DELTA RM, and the one most used by our customers.

But the DELTA RM tool is essential for collaborating with your team when you are not at your desk, especially as employees get used to working remotely and develop new habits of collaboration with their teams.

We are constantly looking for use cases to develop other ways to use DELTA RM products. For example, via a dedicated mobile app.

History and Traceability

From the outset, DELTA RM has implemented a technical audit trail throughout the application.

A functional interface is available to users to view the date, time, user, and values on all changes.

Projects evolve and teams change, but DELTA RM :

  • save all
  • allows you to understand the history of the data

Rather than trying to remember, check the change log.


We have chosen to operate an architecture that can automatically adapt to a change in the order of magnitude of the load, in particular the ability to maintain functionality and performance in the event of high demand. This is also a good way to control the costs of an application made available in SaaS mode.

We also implement performance tests in our web applications in order to verify compliance with requirements and to analyse overall performance under different types of load.

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