Every incident counts: declare, document, record

Simplify information reporting: involve an entire network and standardize a methodology by allowing each operational to report an incident using an adaptable form
Thanks to workflow and alerts, stay informed in real time and facilitate communication at all levels
Centralize all information and documents in an incident database, from reporting to corrective actions
Build an incident database: keep the history of each incident, its impacts, the entities involved, the circumstances and all documentation
Incident reporting workflow for a collaborative risk management approach
Reporting of the incident module showing the analysis capacity provided by business intelligence facilitating the Risk Management approach

Simplify the analysis of your accidentology

Reduce administrative time and information consolidation at all levels

Automate every report, thanks to business intelligence that consolidates all information automatically and in real time.
Increase analytical capacity with interactive dashboards
Facilitate communication by easily exporting all data, especially schemas
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Go further with the integrated Risk & Insurance approach

A simple tool inspired by complex claims management to address a wide range of issues. A robust methodology to value all types of incident-related data.

Facilitate the categorization of incidents by identifying related risks, circumstances or other tailored information
Turn an incident into a loss if its triggering event can be covered by one of your insurance policies
Link several incidents together to take joint resolving actions
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Integrated approach to risk management with insurance companies to increase the incident monitoring process and enhance the incident database

Our functional coverage



Bottom-up feedback (unlimited)
List of users with a reporter profile (unlimited)
Document integration (unlimited)
Workflow : Automatic alert + Validation/ Rejection of the declaration 
Link with the levels of your organization impacted (Entity(ies), Processes, ...)
Identification of the risks involved


Cause and effect analysis
List the actors involved (unlimited)
Impact assessment (link to risks)

Management and follow-up

Treatment of the incident via one or more action plans (unlimited)
Designation of an action plan manager and interactive follow-up
Follow-up of the procedure in case of litigation
Link between several incidents


Multiple dates to track the prescription
Link with Insurance: proposal of the appropriate policy or policies in your portfolio to cover the loss
List of third parties involved


Lines of insurance (unlimited and at your discretion)
Follow-up of the expert assessments
Classification of all costs via the financial evaluation functionality
Frequency, severity and criticality scales
Several dimensions (Gross, Net, Target)
Risk control (Self-assessment, calculation based on the effectiveness of controls in place)


Link between several claims (serial, hat, other)
Data base


Centralization: single database
Organize: multi-criteria classification in a customizable table


Multiple filters to consolidate lists
Dedicated dashboard to model the information
Communicate: easy export and import of information, at your fingertips
Features included in all products

These features are enabled in all cases to work efficiently, your way.
Don't waste time switching between tools!
In DELTA RM, all your essential tools are at your fingertips and quickly accessible.

Searching, filtering, and sorting
Alerts, reminders and notifications
Graphical dashboards
History of changes
User management
Customisable enablers
Confidentiality by perimeter
Multi-axis entity tree (organisational, legal, geographical)
Documentary space
Customisation of drop-down lists