DELTA RM, simple and effective risk management

DELTA RM, a tool for all risk management professions

Season 2: The benefits of an integrated approach

Integrated approach to risk management: all its components described in videos lasting less than 1 minute
Discover the benefits of each module: Transverse, Insurance, Incidents & Claims, Prevention, Internal Control, Audit, Risk Mapping.

Digitizing risk management

Digitizing insurance

🌬 Instilling a risk culture
βš›οΈ Standardize your risk management processes
β›‘ Energize your network around risk management?

Digitizing your incidents and claims

πŸ“’ Improve your communication on the overall cost of risk with reporting tools
️ Digitization not only automates the entire campaign, but above all increases speed, engagement rates and data quality.
πŸ‘ Digitization makes it easier to manage insurance policies
πŸ”¬ Take into account all the events impacting your group by digitizing your information chain: recording, declaration, calculation, modeling, communication, etc.
🎨 Become more creative in your risk transfer, play with your coverages, taking into account every detail of your activities and
🐢 Surprise: here's the very first TOP 10 insurance functionalities in an IRMS tool (consolidating all the tenders we've responded to over the past 10 years).

Digitizing your risks

🀝 Stimulate the participation of your internal network in risk management: transform your flat files into interactive, dynamic tools and enhance the value of everyone's contribution.
🧠 Increase your knowledge of your risks, as soon as you need an analysis, all the useful data is just a click away: making it easier to organize, store and find information
🏎 Move from risk analysis to action by digitizing the monitoring of your action plans: facilitating interactivity with stakeholders, their prioritization and the monitoring of their completion.

Digitalize your Prevention

β›‘ Transform prevention into feedback: each recommendation facilitates interactivity with stakeholders, their prioritization and the monitoring of their implementation, all consolidated in a dashboard.

Digitalize your Internal Control

πŸ”— Make it easy to prove that there is a Control for every Risk, and materialize the first line of defense.
πŸ›‘Improve risk control by associating Controls to each Risk and check that the control strategy is respected throughout your company.
↕️ The digitization of data feedback is useful in the insurance industry for collecting values, and in internal control and risk mapping for collecting assessments.

Digitizing your audits

πŸ›‘ The digitization of the third line of defense is necessary to have a collaborative, interactive and real-time approach.
😎 Optimize logistics, save time and improve communication by digitizing every stage of your audit plan.
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Season 1: The 3 teams

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Season 3: Feedback

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