DELTA RM, simple and effective risk management

DELTA RM is first and foremost a team of passionate specialists

Season 1: our 3 teams

Strategy, project and development

Get to know our teams to understand in just a few minutes the 3 points of view of our dynamics, our approach and our energy.

This will allow you to discover the 3 DELTA RM teams and give them faces and names.

Episode 1/3
Chantal, founder and CEO
⏱ 2 minutes

📖"If popularizing means bringing what you love to others, I agree" by Jacques CHANCEL (the Jamy GOURMAUD of culture)

⏳History. Entrepreneurial project based on feedback from over 20 years' experience in Risk and Insurance management

💡Objective. The ambition to democratize Risk Management for companies of all sizes, anywhere in the world

⚙️Approche. A collaborative, simple and robust tool

🗝Ourvalues. Listen to understand, value people, focus on your goals

Episode 2/3
Jerome, Project Manager
⏱ 1, 39 minute

🦻 We listen to our customers' needs to develop software that helps them work better

🕵🏻 How does the project team work?
1. Go to meet the customer to make him express his need (empathy + listening)
2. Accompany the development of the features and their parameterization by tests then the acceptance
3. Return to the customer to ensure that the developments correspond to their expectations

🥳 The little pluses of DELTA RM:
- There is 1 senior per team to support the rise in skills
- Great importance given to the organization of the DATA
- We are always happy to come to the office (nice neighborhood, small team, great atmosphere)

Episode 3/3
Nicolas, Full stack developer
⏱ 0.51 minute

💻 Impossible to present DELTA RM without having the point of view of one of its developers!

Nicolas describes in 1 minute the challenges of his position:

📚 the centrality of continuous learning,
🔬 the mastery of technologies,
💪 the search for performance,
👂 the importance of exchange between different teams.

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Season 2: The benefits

of an integrated approach

Integrated approach to risk management: all its components described in videos lasting less than 1 minute

Discover the benefits of each module: Transverse, Insurance, Incidents & Claims, Prevention, Internal Control, Audit, Risk Mapping.

See the videos
Season 3: Feedback

Discover in less than 2m the projects we have already completed and the results this has enabled our customers to achieve.

Several customers describe in a few words what DELTA RM has brought them in their risk management strategy, and in their day-to-day operations.